Chrysler museum of art

The history of the Chrysler Museum includes stories of 19th century feminist visionaries and a mid-20th century penny drive by schoolchildren to buy a single Renoir that was about the size of a paperback book. The exhibition history ranges from taxidermy displays and Confederate relics to paintings that had price tags attached.

Clearly, everything moved to a new level when Walter Chrysler, Jr. came to town.

The son of the car company founder moved his fledgling museum from a cramped Massachusetts church to Norfolk in 1971. The city promised support, space and commitment, and 10,000 works of art later, the Norfolk Museum of Arts and Sciences was the Chrysler Museum of Art.

Link to the Chrysler Museum Of Art

Ghent business Association

The Ghent Business Association is a non-profit membership organization managed by a volunteer board of directors.

The association has been in existence for more than 50 years and continues to serve the community as a dedicated group of local organizations. There are many benefits to members including monthly meetings, cooperative advertising efforts, participation in community events, and participation in long-term plans for the Ghent business district and community.

Link to the Ghent Business Association

Ghent Dogpark Association

The Ghent Dog Park is a 0.61-acre, fully fenced park that functions as a ‘community center without the building.’

Each week, hundreds of people and their dogs enjoy a safe, clean, beautiful, and accessible environment to exercise and socialize together.

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