The Ghent Neighborhood League is a civic association for the area bound by the Hague, Colonial Avenue, south of 21st Street and Hampton Boulevard. Membership is open to all property owners and renters living within this area. The membership fee is $10 a year.


The league’s board, which meets every third Thursday of the month, at The Williams School, welcomes all Ghent residents to its meetings, during which matters of importance to the neighborhood are discussed.

The Ghent Neighborhood League (GNL) advocates the conservation and promotion of the historic character of the Ghent neighborhood through appropriate actions to protect architectural resources, environmental quality and property values.  We also facilitate communication between residents and provide a structured forum for discussing issues and concerns of neighborhood residents.  As such, we act as the primary communications conduit between residents and local government and relevant entities including other civic leagues.  The GNL also promotes activities and policies that will foster a sense of community within the neighborhood to make the neighborhood a safe and desirable place to live.



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